SEND vs. a Leading Pre-Workout

SEND vs. a Leading Pre-Workout

October 17, 2018

Cellucor’s pre-workout C4 is without a doubt one of the most popular and widely recognizable supplements on the market. It’s available everywhere. Clearly, the company has done a great job marketing the product. Given the popularity of C4, we wanted to take moment to look behind the label at how the ingredients in C4 Original stack up vs. SEND Pre-Workout.

In the graph above you can see how the pre-workout ingredients in SEND compare to C4. What this graph doesn’t reveal is the ingredient profile as a whole. Besides the active ingredients shown above C4 has 15 additional ingredients, some of which are food dyes and artificial flavors. In addition, 4 of these miscellaneous ingredients are part of a Proprietary “Energy Blend,” which means we don’t know exactly how much there are of each.

But we need to fair...there is another C4 pre-workout; “C4 Ultimate.” This is the strongest and what I would assume to be the most effective pre-workout supplement made by Cellucor. Below is another comparison, this time between the ingredients of SEND versus those of C4 Ultimate.

Clearly much better dosing of pre-workout ingredients in C4 Ultimate than the original, but SEND still has it beat.  They increased the beta-alanine, citrulline and the caffeine pretty significantly; but at a price. Now instead of 30 servings, they give you 20 and jack the price up quite a bit. Also, just like their flag-ship product C4 Original there is a plethora of miscellaneous ingredients, dyes, sugars, fillers, and proprietary blends.