What's Really In Your Pre-Workout?

What's Really In Your Pre-Workout?

July 24, 2019

Tons of supplement companies casually throw around the word “clean,” while knowing their product is far from it. Misleading proprietary blends, fillers and underdosed or inaccurate ingredient amounts are commonplace within the industry. We believe, though, that there is an awakening of sorts, where the supplement consumer is becoming more aware of these issues. Today we want to briefly talk about an issue that’s less discussed; heavy metals in supplements.

This common and frightening issue has come to light recently as more consumers are demanding transparency from their supplement providers, thus third party testing has came to light within the space. Metals like lead, cadmium and mercury have been found in various pre-workouts manufactured by supplement juggernauts. Once these metals are ingested in your body, it can lead to health issues such as high blood pressure, kidney damage and brain damage. In protein powders it’s even worse, some of the leading protein powders have even tested positive for arsenic, while at least 40% of the protein powders tested had out of range levels of heavy metals.  

It’s important to note that plants absorb some heavy metals from the soil in which they are grown, so not all companies are intentionally hiding these deep dark secrets. Certain plant based companies have been proactive about reducing soil contaminants thus minimizing heavy metal exposure. 

In conclusion, it is you, the consumers job to pick the supplements you ingest wisely. Usually the supplement companies that have proprietary blends and fillers are hiding more than just their ingredient dosage.