Why SEND is the Best Pre-Workout for Crossfit

July 26, 2019

Crossfit has had a massive boom in popularity over the past decade with gyms popping up all over the world. It gives participants new goals and new workouts regularly, with coaches and fellow crossfitters forming tight knit, enthusiastic and supportive groups. This has led to the birth of the now wildly popular Crossfit Games as well as the now massive Crossfit equipment company, Rogue Fitness. With that being said, it’s surprising that we haven’t seen a prominent Crossfit supplement company. Yeah, sure, there are a few products here and there online but for a sport booming like Crossfit is, it’s shocking there isn’t more. 

Are Crossfitters using traditional gym supplements from companies such as BPI, Muscletech etc.? Are they not using supplements at all? In general, Crossfitters are much more particular about what they put in their body than the average fitness enthusiast. It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if they are steering far away from these often time deceiving, heavy metal laden products. In steps SEND, a truly clean and transparent product that's absolutely perfect for a Crossfit lifestyle. 

Crossfit requires strength like traditional workouts, but unlike lifting weights in a lower rep range, Crossfit workouts are often times in a much higher rep range and in a shorter period of time. This means a combination of strength endurance is key. Let’s discuss how the scientific dosage of beta-alanine in SEND is key for an intense Crossfit training session.

According to an article written in 2018 in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition “Beta-Alanine supplementation was effective at increasing power output when lifting loads equivalent to the individual’s maximal strength or when working at maximum power output. The improvement observed at 1RM was explained by a greater load lifted, or strength gain, in response to training in the participants who took this supplement.” The amount of beta-alanine in send starts at 1.5g for our 1 scoop serving and works it’s way up to 4.5g for our maximum recommend 3 scoop serving, so there is plenty of the beneficial amino acid to be put to use during Crossfit training. 

Also, a Brazilian study in 2010 writes: “the amino acid beta-alanine reduces muscular fatigue…allowing you to work out longer and harder.” These studies were conducted specifically on athletes who were sprinting, jumping and weightlifting; all staples to a high octane Crossfit workout.

Beta-alanine, alongside 5 other scientifically dosed ingredients make SEND an ideal pre-workout for the health conscious Crossfit athlete. With no fillers, proprietary blends, sugars or dyes at all- SEND is one of the best Crossfit Pre-Workout options available on the market!